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A little about our Shutters

Each Shutter is carefully handcrafted in the UK allowing you to enjoy your bespoke shutters made to your window measurements and style within a 3 week manufacturing lead time. This service enables you to enjoy your luxurious shutters sooner.

Our shutters are manufactured from high quality HS poly vinyl, are available in 18 colours and come with a 10 Year Guarantee.

Hampton Drift
Nevada Diamond
Nevada White 63mm
Hampton bathroom

Light Control


Shutters offer optimum light control, allowing the perfect amount of light into your room; keep light to a minimum by closing all the louvres or enable light to flow freely through open louvres and panels.




Your choice of shutter style allows you to enhance your privacy without sacrificing natural light flow by operating the louvres for the top and bottom panels independently. Choosing a café style shutter enables you to have privacy to the bottom half of the window whilst facilitating full light through the upper section of the window.




Shutters are the perfect way to regulate temperature, the insulation properties of a framed shutter creates a barrier to cool outside air entering the room through the window, whilst a white shutter reflects the heat from the sun’s rays in the warmer months.




Discover your perfect shutter colour. Your choice is made easier through meticulous colour hues, ranging from crisp whites, modern neutrals, dusky pinks, through to French blue and statement greys. Should our palette of colours not meet your requirements, simply let us know and we can have a custom colour made for you.